Ally skills basics: A quick reference for basic definitions and concepts

Ally Skills Workshop materials: Materials for running an Ally Skills Workshop, including handouts, exercises, slides, example scenarios, and an edited video of a workshop.

Social media

@frameshiftllc: Frame Shift Consulting’s Twitter account shares ally skills tips for many kinds of oppression, with an emphasis on the tech industry, supporting workers’ rights, and encouraging tech workers to organize.

@betterallies: Better Allies shares tips for improving ally skills with a focus on men supporting women in tech.


Focus on Ally Skills: A one hour video about why we should focus on teaching ally skills to people with more influence and power, instead of trying to change the behavior of marginalized people.


Becoming an Ally by Ann Bishop is written for social justice activists from a Canadian perspective. Two chapters are available online, the introduction and a chapter on educating allies.

Better Allies by Karen Catlin teaches ally skills for managers and executives in the tech industry.