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Dear Ally Skills Teacher answers questions about how people can use their power and influence to make their workplace more fair and just. We are excited to listen to and answer your questions! To ask a question, use the form below.

We can give you a better, more useful answer if you include:

  • What relevant privilege you have or do not have in this situation – e.g., you are white, you are abled, you have a degree from a prestigious university
  • What relevant power you have in this situation – e.g., you are a manager, you are friends with the founder, you are an expert in paleontology, you are rich, you have a popular blog
  • A brief description of the relevant organization and culture and its location – e.g., a small tech startup in San Francisco, an online forum to discuss martial arts whose users are mostly Brazilian, a governmental agency in Berlin

For more help understanding what kind of privileges and power you might have that would help you in this situation, you can read our ally skills basics page.